Monday, July 17, 2017

Finished Issue 1 (again.)

Oy! Way too long ago, I set out to re-do all of my work on Issue one of Potential. The primary reason for this was the questionable content of page 1. We wanted an intriguing image to pull the reader in to the story even though there wouldn't be any action for awhile. My solution at the time was to show one of the main characters, Danielle, being choked. Bad idea. In my defense, I had just seen Inglorious Basterds and was perhaps a little influenced by it. ANYWAY! I've got a much better page 1 now. Intriguing, mysterious, no out of context violence against women, good stuff! That was a necessary fix. Re-doing the whole issue was not necessary. It was huge distraction from moving forward with the series and it killed my motivation to work on it. But I had already started and it needed to be finished. And so it finally is. I fixed some bad faces, some skewed perspectives, and the lack of establishing shots. Everything looks a lot better, for sure, but I'm really glad its done. Here are the first 11 pages.

Friday, March 17, 2017

At Baltimore Comic Con 2016

Really I just wanted to save this photo of myself here so that I could post it on a comic forum. So.